Ho ho no: Santas brawl on NYC street

Over the weekend, we saw a lot of reminders about the SantaCon tradition in New York, which is remarkably similar to the St. Patrick’s Day tradition, only in elf costumes. Men dressed as Santas show up for an epic pub crawl, and later spread Christmas cheer and joy throughout the Big Apple in the form of, er, urine and vomit. Think of this as a Father Christmas flash mob, with no real leadership but a growing annual membership base.  Most New Yorkers want no part of SantaCon, but its participants insist that they’re entitled to assemble and celebrate just like everyone else.

And what happens when alcohol gets added to cliques and entitlement? Inevitably, this (via Breitbart, NSFW language):

A group of men wearing Santa suits got into a brawl near Union Square that was caught on video Saturday night, cops said.

“We’re looking into it,” said NYPD spokesman Sgt. Lee Jones said after the Daily News notified cops of the video that was posted on YouTube. “We don’t have any reported assaults right now. We know about it.”

I’m old enough to remember when Santa handed out lumps of coal, not lumps on a skull.

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