Reid: No one kept their insurance because plans only last a year, or something

This spin is so bad, even Harry Reid starts choking on it at the end.  It’s a keeper for marking the boundaries of chutzpah to which Democrats will go in defending Barack Obama’s “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” promise repeatedly offered even while his administration knew it would result in millions of cancellations in the individual market, and as many as 93 million next year when the employer mandates kick into effect.  Reid tells a Nevada news anchor that Obama didn’t lie … it’s just that insurance plans never last more than a year anyway.

No, seriously:

Note the anchor’s less-than-thrilled “Okay” when Reid offers that explanation. He follows up with Reid by asking him whether it was unhelpful to have the President lie repeatedly about those changes, and Reid insists that Obama told the truth … kinda-sorta. At the end of the clip, Reid starts blaming “administrative changes” forced by the law that made insurers change their plans, without mentioning that (a) the law was on the books while Reid and Obama continued to make that promise for another three years, and (b) it’s Obama’s law and Reid quarterbacked it.

Of course, Reid might still be able to say that Obama kept the promise … for Reid’s staffers, anyway.

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