Rogers: WH wouldn't brief us on security gaps - even in closed session

Rep. Mike Rogers provides a cheery thought on personal security as the White House gears up to sell ObamaCare all over again.  Last night, he told Greta van Susteren that data security on didn’t even meet “minimal standards” for the industry. In terms of the “private-sector velocity and efficiency” claimed by the Obama administration over the last couple of days, Rogers says that experts warned him that they would be sued out of business if they rolled out a website with this many security gaps.

It’s so bad, Rogers warns, that the White House refused to brief Congress on the known risks and attacks that have already taken place — even in closed session.  “That’s just unconscionable,” Rogers says, especially when the same people who won’t brief them are cajoling people to put their identity information at risk:

Rogers echoed the concerns of David Kennedy, the former Marine Corps cyberwarfare expert who warned Congress last month to shut down until the security gaps were closed.  I linked it earlier, but here’s Kennedy explaining what Rogers says:

After warning Americans when testifying before Congress on Nov. 19 to stay away from, Kennedy now says the situation is even worse.

“They said they implemented over 400 bug fixes,” he said. “When you recode the application to fix these 400 bugs—they were rushing this out of the door to get the site at least so it can work a little bit—you’re introducing more security flaws as you go along with it because you don’t even check that code.”

“I’m a little bit more skeptical now, and I would still definitely advise individuals to not use the website because it’s definitely something that I don’t believe is secure and neither did the four individuals that testified in front of Congress,” Kennedy said. “I think there’s some major security concerns there around privacy and information, and they haven’t even come close to being addressed, and won’t be in the short term.”

Private-sector velocity and efficiency in this case would see people get canned, and an “Under Construction” graphic in place of the website’s home page.  This is a government operation through and through.

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David Strom 9:21 PM on June 01, 2023