Video: Schumer not exactly thrilled with the Obama-Kerry Iran deal

Sen. Chuck Schumer made an appearance last night at OHEL last night, a non-profit focusing on support for Jewish families in the US, and according to blasted the deal with Iran just cut by the Obama administration in no uncertain terms.  Declaring that Republicans and Democrats in the Senate were united in keeping sanctions in place, Schumer pledged to fight for full nuclear disarmament in Iran rather than appeasement at the expense of Israel:

NY Senator Chuck Schumer assured pro-Israel Jews, Sunday evening, that Democrats and Republicans are untied to stop President Obama from easing the sanctions on Iran, until Iran destroys its nuclear capabilities and gets rid of all centrifuges and enriched uranium.

What Schumer actually says at the very beginning is this: “Democrats and Republicans are going to work to see that we don’t let up on these sanctions, as this agreement did … [splice] … until Iran not only gives up all nuclear weapons, but all nuclear weapon capability.” Now, it’s possible that Schumer said something a little more conciliatory in the cut, but gauging by the audience reaction, it doesn’t seem likely.  This is not explicitly a declaration against the deal, but it’s about as far away from an endorsement as Schumer could get without declaring his intention to fight it.

Israel isn’t too happy about this deal either, CNN reports this morning:

Obama basically got six months to show that he can work with Iran to give up its nukes, six months in which the Israelis will have to sit on their hands. How well has that worked out so far? Er …

Iranian officials announced the upcoming construction of two new nuclear plants on Saturday, just hours before the United States and Western nations signed a nuclear pact that will allow Iran to continue enriching uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon.

Senior Iranian officials said that they are ready to build a second and third nuclear reactor in addition to the one currently operated in tandem with Russia, according to state-run media reports.

But hey, at least we have a piece of paper Obama and Kerry can wave over their heads. Anyone see their umbrellas?

Update: David Shor figured out at least part of what Schumer said in the splice. I’ve added it to the transcripted quote.  David is working on getting a more complete version of Schumer’s remarks.

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