Video: CBS hails Davis' "marathon defense of abortion rights" in handicapping TX race

Without a hint of irony or self-reflection, CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell introduces this segment on Texas state senator Wendy Davis’ long-known announcement of her run for the governor’s office by hailing her 13-hour filibuster as a “marathon defense of abortion rights” — a far cry from the treatment of Ted Cruz’ marathon attempt last week to warn America of the ObamaCare debacle that rolled out this week. Maybe we can call this clip Remember when filibusters and “hijacking” legislatures were cool?

In fact, the whole segment is basically a cheery look at Davis, with no attempt at all to analyze Davis’ weaknesses — one of which is the subject of the filibuster itself.  The bill Davis tried to block moved the bar on late-term abortions from 24 weeks to 20 weeks, and forced abortion clinics to meet the same regulatory health standards as all other ambulatory surgical offices in the state.  Those efforts had the support of 62% of all Texans, including 61% of women in the state.  (See page 416 of the crosstabs.)  Not only does Davis find herself in that minority, she refuses to contemplate limits on abortion at all, describing late-term abortions as her “sacred ground” in an echo of Nancy Pelosi.  Rather than report honestly on the actual issues of that bill, O’Donnell just characterizes her filibuster as marathon defense of abortion rights.

It’s not going to take $25 million to get these facts in front of Texas voters, but Greg Abbott already has that much in the bank, and he’s aggressively fundraising to build his coffers further.  He may need it if the mainstream media continues to toss hosannas at Davis for doing exactly what Cruz did in Washington — only without encouraging thugs to hijack a legislative session when it didn’t go her way.

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