Hillary: I'm now available for Argo II

Let’s see.  Argo told a story that took place in a larger context of an American diplomatic facility being sacked by radical Islamic extremists, after US action undermined the previous cooperative regime, which became an ongoing demonstration of American impotence.  Hasn’t Hillary Clinton already starred in Argo II?

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Most of Affleck’s speech, though, was focused on his own philanthropic work in Congo, praising Hillary Clinton for her involvement with the country during her time as secretary of state. When she arrived on stage after her introduction, Clinton returned the praise for Affleck’s activism —but she had her mind on his movie work, too.

“I’m hoping that he films Argo II,” Clinton said. “I’m now available.”

A lot of us would like to see the inside story of what happened in Benghazi, too. Perhaps Clinton and her former advisers can testify under oath at a Congressional hearing to explain why the State Department didn’t have any contingency plans in place for a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11, why no action was taken to intervene during the eight hours of attacks on the American consulate, and why the State Department — and Hillary Clinton herself — insisted for days afterward that the attack was a demonstration over a months-old YouTube video rather than acknowledge it as a coordinated terrorist attack.

I’m certain that Congress would allow the film of that testimony to make it into a movie about the attack, although I’m not too sure that Secretary Clinton would have the same level of enthusiasm she showed last night.

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