Carney: Asking about Sebelius fundraising for ObamaCare a lot like being a birther, or something

You know, a White House that just got exposed for spying on journalists probably should be doing some bridge-rebuilding, especially for an administration who needs a friendly media as much as this one does.  What’s the worst possible way to get back in the media’s good graces?  Accusing them of being conspiracy nuts for asking about Kathleen Sebelius’ fundraising for ObamaCare, starting with CBS’ Major Garrett, who just got done fronting the Benghazi e-mail defense demolished by Glenn Kessler today.


Thanks bunches, Major:

Struggling with a reporter about which Republican concerns are and are not legitimate, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that if reporters are going to ask about every issue, they should include President Obama’s birth certificate. …

Garrett followed up and asked if questions related to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s fundraising for the Affordable Care Act were also legitimate. Carney grew irritated and responded by referencing conspiracy theories about the president’s birthplace.

“You know, we could go down the list of questions — we could say, what about the president’s birth certificate? Were that — was that legitimate?” Carney responded.

I guess the media is discovering how the White House treats Republicans who disagree with them.  Welcome to the party, pal!

Twitchy has a few of the reactions in the aftermath, including from the suddenly-nutcasey media:


Indeed.  Looks like the stonewalling has begun.

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