Video: CNN panel names Romney a religious fanatic for promoting ... children

Via BuzzFeed, here’s the latest in tolerance from last night’s Piers Morgan show.  Mitt Romney spoke at a commencement for Southern Virginia University, whose student body is 92% Mormon, according to Hunter Schwartz, and Romney used his speech to talk about traditional Mormon pro-family values — or really, generic Christian family values.  For quoting Psalms — by the way, an Old Testament book common to all Christians and Jews — the panel laughs Romney out of the room as a “religious fanatic”:

The NIV has this as “children,” while the Ignatius Catholic version uses “sons” instead.  Nonetheless, the panel starts off by misinterpreting this as a specifically Mormon teaching, rather than a broad Judeo-Christian teaching about the blessings of offspring, apparently as a means to snicker at Romney’s religious beliefs while ironically revealing their own ignorance on such matters.  Romney’s own count of five children seems amusing to the panel in this context, while they roll their eyes, laugh, call Romney a “fanatic” for quoting Psalms as advice, and state that this is the reason that single women didn’t vote for him — even though this never came up at all in the campaign.

There are fanatics in this conversation … but Romney isn’t one of them.

Schwartz has asked CNN if they stand by these statements from their panel.  May I suggest Job 11:2-3?

Addendum: On further consideration, I’m also struck at how ungracious this attack is.  Mitt Romney has stayed out of the political debate since he lost the election six months ago, and CNN is still doing spots on Mormon Weirdness?  Ah, tolerance …