Video: "We've forgotten what abortion really is"

Via Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner, Lila Rose gets straight to the heart of why the media didn’t want to cover the Gosnell trial — and why they won’t want to cover what happens in other late-term abortion clinics, either.  They don’t want to see the brutality or the inhumanity, and the culture sanitizes the horror of abortion in order to keep public opinion from turning against it.  These films, and the Gosnell trial, strip the façade away

Kirsten Powers concurs.  In her column for USA Today, Powers tells readers that Gosnell is “no aberration,” but the industry norm — helped along by malicious neglect of public officials who are supposed to protect the health of the community:

Abortion rights advocates have asserted that Gosnell was an “extreme outlier” andopposed legislation to increase regulation of Pennsylvania abortion clinics as they have in other states. But how could they possibly know that this is an aberration?

Last week, Ohio officials shut down an abortion clinic after inspectors found that a medical assistant administered narcotics to five patients, that narcotics and powerful sedatives weren’t properly accounted for, that pharmacy licenses had expired and that four staff members hadn’t been screened for a communicable disease.

This month, a Delaware TV station reported that two Planned Parenthood nurses resigned in protest over conditions at a clinic there. One nurse, Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, said, “It was just unsafe. I couldn’t tell you how ridiculously unsafe it was.” …

Last year, an Associated Press investigation found that Illinois hadn’t inspected some abortion clinics for 10 to 15 years. After state health officials reinvigorated their clinic inspections in the wake of Gosnell, inspectors closed two clinics, including one fined for “failure to perform CPR on a patient who died after a procedure,” according to AP.

The Left spent all last year screeching about a “war on women” because some people opposed the idea of forcing employers to foot the bill for contraception. The same people seem awfully silent, in every sense of that term, when it comes to the butchers of the abortion industry and the public officials who won’t lift a finger to put them out of business. That’s because they don’t want people to know what abortion truly is.


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