Video: Has Jason Mattera ... nuked the fridge?

People know that Jason Mattera of Talk Radio Network is a good friend of mine, and that I’m a big fan of his snarky and confrontational videos. This time, however, Jason may have made one sequel too many, and taken on someone who is just too beloved to harass.  Yes, in taking on Indiana Jones, my brother Jason may have indeed nuked the fridge.

Or perhaps it’s the other way around.  Harrison Ford cut an odd PSA for an environmental group likening deforestation and climate change to … chest waxing. It’s odd not just for the analogy and demonstration of personal deforestation — which, in case Ford isn’t aware, is more popular than ever — but also because of Ford’s own passion for flying.  Jason, who actually is a big fan of Ford’s, recalled an interview in which Ford claimed to fly occasionally to get a cheeseburger, which is a bit much on the carbonburger scale for someone lecturing us through a chest wax.

Jason asks Ford about this, but most of us probably don’t care about Ford’s answer.  What we really want to know is the answer to another question Jason manages to sneak in — “Did Shia LaBoeuf ruin Indiana Jones IV?”

Ford didn’t answer that question … but his driver did. Consensus!  Be sure to stick around for Jason’s explanation of why he chose to highlight Ford’s hypocrisy, and how Ford can really tackle carbon emissions.

Besides, no one’s impressed with chest waxing unless it produces a cool visual effect (very much NSFW):

And just a reminder — Indiana Jones really likes flying:

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