Sperling: Yeah, I guess Obama fibbed during the presidential debate on the sequester

You know who’s not having much fun in Washington lately? Gene Sperling, Barack Obama’s director of the Council of Economic Advisers and the somewhat-unlikely media hatchet man for the White House.  Last week he got dragged into the spotlight by Bob Woodward, who accused Sperling of trying to threaten him into changing his reporting on the parentage of the sequester.  Yesterday, Sperling got grilled by NBC’s David Gregory on Meet the Press, who did a good job of dragging the truth out of Sperling on the point.

Fair’s fair; I dinged Gregory for wasting time on John Boehner’s “ass” remark, but he didn’t back down after that strange analogy offered by Sperling on the budget fight.  Somehow, Sperling puts Republicans in the role of robber for wanting to reduce the vastly-increased level of government spending under Obama and the Democrats in Congress.  Obama, who wanted to take more money from taxpayers, somehow becomes the victim of a robbery in Sperling’s example.

This is a good lesson in how this administration, Democrats, and the public sector think about the money we all earn.  It’s really theirs, and anyone who gets in the way of their confiscation of it is a thief.

Maybe the White House should consider giving Sperling a lower profile from now on.