Video: Democrat goes completely unhinged on TV

And lucky for us, he’s from my state, too.  Uff da! Sean Hannity invited Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) to appear on his show last night to discuss the sequester, and to debate the messaging from the White House that keeps pushing scare stories at the expense of reality.  Instead, Ellison treated us all to a demonstration of just what a safe Democratic Congressional district will produce … a six minute demonstration, no less.

How long can you watch?

I only got through the first minute. Fortunately, Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters provides us with the transcript.  Here’s a particularly enlightening exchange from Congressman Ellison:

HANNITY: Let me ask you a question.

ELLISON: No wait a minute. You said I could rant and I’m going to.

HANNITY: I’ve given you plenty of time to rant Congressman.

ELLISON: We’ll let you get a word in, go ahead.

HANNITY: Oh, you’re so nice to give me a word on my own program.

ELLISON: Okay, I changed my mind.


How about this witty riposte?

ELLISON: The budget control act was forced down by the Republican Party. Sequester is a provision of the budget control act.

HANNITY: Congressman, relax.

ELLISON: The Republicans are responsible for the budget control act which contains sequester.

HANNITY: I’ve got it, I know you’re a broken record. Now let me get you my question.

ELLISON: You’re a broken record.

I’m disappointed that Ellison never got to use Winston Churchill’s favorite debate tactic of “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”  But the best comes at the end, when it’s clear just how far out of his depth Ellison has strayed:

ELLISON: Well, to try to say that it is, that it is the president’s fault that he is to blame is wrong and it’s a lie it’s not true.

HANNITY: It’s not his fault that we have 16 trillion in debt. He didn’t add 6 trillion to the debt since he’s been president.

ELLISON: No, no he, no.

HANNITY: You did add 6 trillion to debt since he’s been president.

ELLISON: What about the other 10? Let’s talk about the other 10.

Yes, let’s forget about the six trillion dollars in debt we’ve incurred over the last four years under the policies of the present, and concentrate on the ten trillion we incurred over the previous 200 or so under the policies that are no longer in place. Brilliant.

Hannity concluded this debacle with this thought:

HANNITY: Congressman, you are a total waste of time. I’m moving on because our audience deserves better. Thank you for being with us. I tried to give you a fair shot.

Too bad the voters in MN-05 don’t realize what a waste of time Ellison is.  Forget electing a Republican — isn’t there a Democrat in Minnesota’s 5th CD with a little more candlepower than Congressman I-Know-You-Are But-What-Am-I? Holy buckets!