Video: Meet the fastest-growing demographic among gun owners

This weekend, NBC News took an extended look at the fastest-growing demographic in gun ownership: women.  Between 2005 and 2013, the percentage of women in America owning a firearm jumped from 13% to 23%, and women continue to demand more personal protection.  In a relatively balanced report, NBC highlights a recent case in which a woman shot an intruder to protect herself and her six-year-old son:

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I say relatively balanced, as the anchor starts off by noting gun violence in Chicago to start off this clip.  Not mentioned, of course, is the fact that Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country — so tough that the Supreme Court tossed some of them out recently.  In Chicago, the woman who defended herself would have been disarmed at the time of the home invasion, and it’s almost certain that the perps wouldn’t have been.

Of course, it would help if NBC News understood math.  Here’s a second clip from the weekend looking at how women are breaking the stereotypes of gun ownership, but note the strange claim at the beginning about where “the majority” of gun owners live — and the graphic just behind him:

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In fact, the South has the plurality of households with gun ownership — far below a “majority,” at 38%.  The Midwest is only nine points behind at 29% of households, and the West just two points behind that at 27%.  Gun ownership is hardly a Southern phenomenon, and might have more to do with other factors, perhaps former military service.