Video: If good and evil exist ...

I’m a big fan of Prager University, the new effort by my colleague and friend Dennis Prager that does what Dennis does every day on his indispensable radio program, which is to discuss values, morals, and politics — and how they cannot be disengaged from each other.  But what is morality, anyway — and what is its source?  Prager U has a new video featuring Boston College’s Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy, explaining that morality cannot possibly come from nature, human or otherwise, or from evolution or politics.  Morality has an objective quality, which points to a higher source than nature or man:

There is a lot to unpack in this video for just five minutes, but it’s well worth the view.  Kreeft uses the two most notable evils of the last two centuries to make compelling points about how morality has to be objective, above nature, and above mankind, or it doesn’t exist at all in any rational form.  Agree or disagree, the argument is compelling.

Perhaps we can get Professor Kreeft to join us on The Ed Morrissey Show to discuss this further.