New Romney ad: Secretary of Business?

Professional politicians don’t usually throw their opponents a bone this big in the final week of an election — which is why this qualified as an Obamateurism yesterday, of course.  Truly professional politicians don’t bury the bone, either, but chew on it, and Mitt Romney delivers today in an ad attacking Barack Obama for going to his first instincts to deal with his failing economic policies:

Barack Obama recently said he might appoint a Secretary of Business.

His solution to everything is to add another bureaucrat.

Mitt Romney understands business and knows what it will take to create jobs and get our economy moving again.

He’s done it before.

He’ll do it again.

One point the ad doesn’t mention, but is worth making: even when Obama adds bureaucracies, he ignores them.  He created his own blue-ribbon panel to deal with the deficit, Simpson-Bowles, only to completely ignore their recommendations in his two successive budgets (neither of which got a single vote of support in Congress in three floor votes).  Obama formed a “jobs council” of CEOs and economists directly to the point of his “Secretary of Business” response, and then went several months without meeting with it.

That flub gave Romney a chance to hammer home his closing message on jobs and the economy.  It’s a good punch; we’ll see if it scores a knockout.

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