Welcome to the new Green Room!

Over the last couple of days, you may have noticed some changes in our Green Room, and a few readers expressed some puzzlement over suddenly seeing Allahpundit, Mary Katharine, Erika, Jazz Shaw, Guy Benson, and myself posting our thoughts in that forum.  We’ve decided to repurpose our Green Room into a Hot Air/Townhall conversation area, where your favorite bloggers — and perhaps a few of your favorite radio hosts — can post shorter-form thoughts, debate points amongst each other.

We want to thank our friends who have written in our Green Room over the last few years. They’ve done a great job, and we’ve had a blast working with them.

So what’s next?  We’ll start with the six of us while we’re building some better access to GR posts on our home page, but we’ll shortly be adding some of our Townhall colleagues, and perhaps by next week a few other Salem favorites, too. We hope to have this in full throttle by Election Night, and you can bet we’ll be posting quick updates all night long.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Green Room, because you’ll never know what — or who — to expect there!

Update (AP): In case it’s not obvious, the “More Green Room” link in the box on the Hot Air front page will take you directly to the master Green Room page. You can read everything there with one scroll, a la Instapundit. Links to individual GR posts will cycle off the HA front page quickly, so that’s the easiest way to get caught up on everything if you’re behind.

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