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One of the first things an attorney is supposed to learn is to never ask a question without first knowing the answer. One of the first things a politician is supposed to learn — at least since Gary Hart talked himself out of a presidential nomination in 1984 — is to only challenge the press to dig up something when you’re sure it doesn’t exist. Barack Obama, both a lawyer and a politician, apparently never learned either lesson, as BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski proved.  Obama, while slamming Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper, double-dog-dared the media to find any changed positions in his public positions:


Well, for one thing, Obama signed a petition in 1996 advocating the banning of handguns, which Andrew embedded on his site.  Then there’s also his “evolution” on gay marriage since his 2004 declaration that his faith led him to oppose its legalization:

Or how about his flip-flop on marijuana legalization?

Andrew also has Obama on record in 2004 demanding an end to the Cuba embargo and giving at least tacit support for prosecuting businesses that hire illegal immigrants, which is somewhat different than his rhetoric as President.  But Andrew saves the best two for last.  Here’s Obama blasting George Bush for “hiding” behind the same executive privilege Obama now invokes over Fast & Furious:

And here he is criticizing Hillary Clinton’s support for the same individual insurance mandate that he made a central piece of ObamaCare:

Let’s add in one of our own, too:

Heck … maybe he was just BS-ing.

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