Biden: Our daughters are entitled to every single solitary operation

Via PJ Media and Washington Free Beacon, Joe Biden gives us a little insight into future of Democratic governance.  Bryan Preston gets a chuckle out of this, wondering if Biden thinks that his daughters are entitled to vasectomies, and tells the Vice President that the Onion “want[s] their writers back.” There is more to this that deserves attention, though:

BIDEN: I want to make this clear so there no misunderstanding anybody. I got a daughter, lost a daughter, got four granddaughters, and Barack has two daughters. We are absolutely — this is to our core — my daughter, and my granddaughters and Barack’s daughters are entitled to every single solitary operation! EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY OPERATION!

Bryan’s right in his approach that this is nonsense on stilts, but it’s dangerous nonsense on stilts.  Declaring that people are “entitled” to anything — especially goods and services — other than innate natural rights requires someone eventually to confiscate those goods and services to deliver them.  Girls and boys should have access to the widest possible range of medical services, based on their ability to compensate those who deliver those services.  No one is “entitled” to plastic surgery, to use another example, without coughing up the cash to pay for it.  It’s not the government’s role to interfere with that access, but it’s also not the government’s role to confiscate those goods and services to force providers to deliver them.

Besides, if Joe’s daughters are “entitled to EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY OPERATION, then why have Barack Obama and Joe Biden created the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which exists to deny care to Medicare patients based on cost and their assessment of the value of the life involved? Biden’s daughters are entitled to operations, but seniors are only allowed to take a pill and die quietly, it seems.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023