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The Barack Obama media avoidance strategy continues apace in the OOTD feature, once again with a bit of a twist. On Monday night, Hillary Clinton announced that she took “full responsibility” for the security failures that led to the attack on Benghazi — while Obama still hasn’t addressed it since his UN speech in which he blamed a YouTube video. But he’s got a hard-hitting interview coming up this week, with another opportunity to opine on the really important topics of the day. Is it with ABC News’ Jake Tapper, CBS’ Mark Knoller, or perhaps even the Washington Post? Not exactly– and even Politico has begun calling out the Leader of the Free World:

Cue the outrage from the Fourth Estate: President Barack Obama, who hasn’t done a full White House press conference since March, is taking questions from the celebrity magazine Us Weekly.

“Ever wanted to ask the President of the United States a question?” writes the magazine. “Here’s the chance, because President Barack Obama wants to hear from Us! As Obama, 51, campaigns for reelection in a race with Republican nominee Mitt Romney, the commander in chief will answer questions from Us Weekly’s readers — about his platform, his opponent, life at home in the White House with Michelle, Sasha, Malia and Bo, touring America on the campaign trail, his favorite celebs (Beyoncé and Jay-Z, perhaps?) and more!”

Shouldn’t they be outraged — or at least asking why Obama won’t meet with the press about the death of a US Ambassador and a misleading cover story from the White House that blew up in Obama’s face?

And it just got worse yesterday.  Reporters at the debate gave Obama an opportunity to talk about Hillary’s statement and follow it up with his own.  However, after showing a willingness to exchange pleasantries with the press, Obama walked away when the question got a little tough:

Mr. President, we know leadership when we see it … and Leadership Rn’t Us.

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