Obamateurism of the Day

On Friday, the day after the VP debate, the media wanted to know why Joe Biden claimed that the administration never knew about the requests for additional security from our diplomatic mission in Libya. They wanted to know why one State Department security expert described the difficulty dealing with State as “the Taliban [being] inside the building.” People wanted answers to questions about why the White House hadn’t kept tabs on a situation in Benghazi and eastern Libya that Barack Obama in large part created with his unilateral decision to apply military force to decapitate the Qaddafi regime without having any plan to keep the radical Islamist terror networks from taking advantage of the situation — including our enemy of war, al-Qaeda.

Unfortunately, the only person answering those questions was Jay Carney. Where was President Obama? As Jake Tapper reports, Obama was answering the tough questions in Miami about, er, a feud between two hip-hop artists:

President Obama appeared on the Miami radio station Y100 Friday,  where he weighed in on the Mariah Carey v. Nicki Minaj feud, was asked whether Vice President Joe Biden should shave his head to look more authoritative, and said he should have brought up Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” video tape during the presidential debate because “the media’s attention span is fairly short.”

“The media’s attention span is fairly short,” says the man whose idea of “media” this days is this:

The president spoke with DJ Michael “Yo” Simmons, the self-billed “Half-Black Brother with a Korean Mother” who also does stand-up and serves as a celebrity correspondent on E! News.

In this case, Obama picked the right man for the interview.  He’s a lot more of a celebrity than a leader, as he proved on Friday — when America needed a leader to answer those questions that Jay Carney was dodging.

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