NFL Week 6 open thread

I suppose I’m lucky that the Pittsburgh Steelers lost on Thursday night, so that I don’t have to blow a pick this week on the Men of Steel.  They’re 2-3 now, which puts them in perfect position for a 16-game winning streak to take them into the Super Bowl.  Hopefully, the long week off will help them get back on track, but they’ll need to get hot soon in order to take the division.

So, that means I still need to do a pick-6 for this week.  Last week I ended up 4-2 to take my season record to 17-13, which coincidentally will be the final score in the Steelers-Packers Super Bowl next February.  (You laugh, but if I’m right ….)  Let’s pick some winners:

  • Raiders at Falcons — One day, Atlanta will face a team mightier than they.  One day, they will have their winning streak snapped.  Today … is not that day.  Atlanta in a rout, 35-14.
  • Packers at Texans — The other great 2-3 team in the league goes up against the other undefeated squad in the NFL, and this one may end up being a surprise.  The Texans are for real, but the Packers are better than their record and getting awfully hungry by now.  I’ll take the Pack in an upset on the road, 31-28, maybe in OT.
  • Vikings at Redskins — The Vikings are doing surprisingly well, and even won a road game.  The Redskins haven’t won yet at home, and RGIII got his bell rung while learning that NFL QBs run out of bounds rather than take the hit.  He’s questionable, and so are the ‘Skins without him.  Vikings 27-20 over Washington.
  • Broncos at Chargers — Peyton Maning has 11 TDs and almost 1500 yards passing already.  He also has 3 losses, but it’s hard to argue that it’s his fault.  They have the 5th best passing attack and  are middle of the league in rushing.  The Chargers have a slightly better record but worse stats, especially being 20th against the pass.  I think Manning makes it work in San Diego with a big Monday night performance, beating the Bolts 33-27.
  • Chiefs at Buccaneers – If you don’t live in KC or TB, who cares?  All right, some of you do, and it’s fun to pick the Futility Bowl game every once in a while.  The line has Tampa by 5 as of Saturday afternoon, but I smell upset … upset fans in KC, that is.  With Brady Quinn filling in for Matt Cassel, I’d expect Tampa Bay to pick up their second win at home (and anywhere else), 24-17.
  • Giants at 49ers — This should be a terrific game, with two tough teams replaying last year’s tough NFC title game.  I know I should pick San Francisco, I know I’m courting disaster with a Giants pick — but I’ve got to go with my gut, and with Eli Manning.  Giants in a 28-24, final-drive squeaker.

Note: I’m not picking the Jets game because I owe Jazz Shaw a favor or two, and I don’t want to be blamed for a jinx when if the inevitable probable happens.

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023