Ryan to reporter: Don't stuff words into my mouth

Just remember: there’s no such thing as media bias.  Reporter Terry Camp got a rebuke from Paul Ryan at the end of this interview for the ABC affiliate in Detroit, when Camp asked a “weird” question of Ryan at the end of a string of queries on gun violence.  After Ryan talked about the need for communities and groups within them to create moral structures and education and for government to push pro-growth policies to create jobs and opportunities in the inner cities, Camp tried tossing in a gotcha question — and got rebuked by Ryan as the interview ended:


Politico picked up the story:

When it aired, reporter Terry Camp characterized the interview as ending badly, and said Ryan was “not specific in his answers.” Meanwhile, the Ryan campaign said the candidate was asked a “weird question” relating gun violence to tax cuts.

Actually, Camp mischaracterized this in two different ways.  First, Ryan was providing responsive answers to the gun questions.  Camp was asking broad, philosophical questions, not specific questions on proposals or individual laws, and Ryan was providing philosophical answers.  Second, Camp tells viewers at the beginning of the clip that the interview ended badly when he began asking about gun violence — which is patently untrue, as the video shows.  It ended badly when Camp tried to connect gun violence to tax cuts, and Ryan and his team called him out for it while the cameras were still running.  In fact, when Ryan challenges Camp for “stuffing words in my mouth,” Camp can’t even come up with a defense … even though his microphone is still hot.

An editor should have known from watching the interview that Camp mischaracterized the end of it in his introduction.  The local ABC affiliate still let Camp’s introduction go to air.  Draw your own conclusions from that.

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