Video: Stewart rips Obama admin "duck and cover up" on Benghazi

Via Breitbart, this could be a potentially important moment in the Benghazi cover-up collapse for the Obama administration.  Jon Stewart doesn’t break any news on the story, like Eli Lake at the Daily Beast has done, or necessarily put together a previously unknown sequence of events to create a new angle on it.  Stewart puts the story in front of an audience that may otherwise have been ignoring it — the hip, disconnected younger voters — and signal that this is now fair game:

“That thing’s like ‘The Ring’” Stewart says of the video Obama is trying to pin so much of the Middle East unrest on. “Three days after you watch it, embassies just burst into flames!”

Most of the time, Stewart works a little pox-upon-all-houses criticism when he goes after Barack Obama and his administration.  Not this time; for five minutes, Stewart hammers Obama himself for offering wishy-washy assessments while his administration’s officials finally get around to admitting the obvious.  The Daily Show runs UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s 9/16 assertions with the on-screen graphic reading “duck and cover-up”.  Stewart then finishes with CNN Anderson Cooper reporting that the administration knew in the first few hours that it was a terrorist attack, and responds with an expletive.  His conclusion?  The consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist attack that was “planned and coordinated.  Our response?  Ehhhh — not so much.”

The cover-up story has gone mainstream. Let’s see if the mainstream media will run with it now.

Update: Commenter CSchande asks whether we at Hot Air ever talk to each other, too … because Allahpundit already covered this yesterday afternoon. I actually went and looked at last night’s posts, and completely missed it.  Oh, well … it’s worth a second look, right?

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023