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Barack Obama went back to work this week, by which I of course mean he continued talking with hard-hitting media outlets like, er, Glamour.  What topics did Obama want to discuss — the economy, foreign policy, or the federal deficit?  Of course not!  Mark Knoller tweeted out the highlight of the interview:


“No brainer?”  Well … yeah.  That’s exactly what the Center for Disease Control found in its long-range study of sexually active women and unplanned pregnancy. The 2009 study showed that 99% of sexually active women who wanted to avoid pregnancy thought access to contraception a no-brainer, too.  In fact, the 20-year study never even suggests that access was a barrier to avoiding pregnancy; it doesn’t make the list of reasons for the unplanned pregnancies that occurred with respondents to their survey.

On the other hand, assuming that women can’t find birth control without their employer or school subsidizing and facilitating access, and forcing them to do so?  That’s treating women as “no brainers.”  It infantilizes women and puts employers, educators, and the government in the bedroom — where activists claim they don’t want those kind of intrusions.

Twitchy caught some of the reaction:




Just a few words from some of the “brainer” set.

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