Obamateurism of the Day

Democrats really tried to sell the American public during their national convention on the allegation that Republicans have declared a War On Wimminses, and that Mitt Romney is the Offender in Chief in dismissing the distaff set.   But as Eli Lake recounted this weekend in his excellent article of the effort women in the CIA have provided to bring justice to Osama bin Laden, the Champion Of All Julias doesn’t sound like much of an improvement (via Instapundit):

Just before the White House announcement of a new Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy, Obama asked Riedel and his team to come to see him in the Oval -Office so he could thank them. Riedel’s team consisted of an Afghan specialist from the State Department and a Pakistan expert from the CIA. Riedel introduced the CIA analyst to Obama as “the best Pakistan expert I’ve ever seen.” Obama looked at the CIA officer, who was sporting stiletto heels, and said with clear amusement, “You don’t look like a Pakistan expert.”

Maybe the CIA officer politely told the President that his slip was showing.

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