Obamateurism of the Day

It’s tough to get a meeting with the President of the United States, regardless of who’s in the office at any given time.  Heck, even a besieged ally like Israel can’t get the US head of state to agree to a meeting, even when Israel’s Prime Minister offers to come to him:

Feuding between the US and Israel burst into the open when Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, sharply criticised recent US statements about Iran while the White House said President Barack Obama would not meet Mr Netanyahu in the US this month.

Mr Netanyahu made a stinging attack on Tuesday on Washington’s refusal to establish a “red line” for Iran’s nuclear programme – a point beyond which US military action against Iran would be taken. …

The White House said on Tuesday that Mr Obama would not meet Mr Netanyahu when he travels to the US this month for the UN General Assembly session because the two men would not be in New York on the same day. However, Israeli media reported on Tuesday evening that Mr Netanyahu had offered to travel to Washington for a meeting. This was denied by the White House.

The Israeli media in question for this story is Ha’aretz, which isn’t exactly a bastion of conservatism in the Holy Land.  Still, was this really a snub, considering how tightly packed the President’s schedule must be?  Barack Obama has to meet with a lot of important people, like, say … the Pimp With A Limp (h/t: Power Line):

President Obama was heard on the South Florida airwaves this 9/11 Anniversary morning in a 10-minute radio interview with Miami’s “Pimp with the Limp” DJ Laz from 106.7 WRMA-FM.

“You’re big time. You’ve got Pitbull and Flo Rida and all these guys just beating a path to your door,” Obama said, buttering up Laz. “And so I’m hoping that I can get a little of that magic from you in this interview.”

Hey, maybe Obama just wanted to talk with some regular folk on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 — you know, to share some remembrances and talk about the need to remain vigilant after the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans.  Right?  Er …

The two talked tunes, TV, football and top topics of the 2012 campaign.  Obama did not mention the terror attacks that took place 11 years ago today, a fact his critics were quick to point out.

He “avoided talking about 9/11 on 9/11′s anniversary, but made time to mock the Dolphins bad record,” noted the Miami Herald.

That’s not all Obama avoided.  Bibi’s still waiting on Line 1.

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