Video: "Words"

In February 2008, as Barack Obama tried to wrest the nomination from previously-favored Hillary Clinton, his critics said that Hope and Change was nothing but words, with no plan for effective action.  In a speech in Wisconsin, Obama gave his “just words?” response:

More than four years later, American Crossroads says yes — those were “just words.”  Not only that, but Obama keeps saying the same words over and over again, even though his policies don’t produce the outcomes Obama promises.  In this new 60-second spot which Jim Geraghty says is a web-only test for a big campaign push later, the group juxtaposes Obama’s 2008 promises with his acceptance speech six days ago in Charlotte — and asks whether we’re better off:

This isn’t an entirely new approach; the Romney campaign itself has made similar comparisons between Obama speeches to good effect, too.  It demonstrates a couple of good points for the election.  One, Obama has no new policies to offer.  A second term would be just a continuation of his first-term, stagnation-producing economic policies, which have left the Fed with no choice but to weaken the dollar repeatedly in order to encourage even a little short-term investment.  Second, it shows what a myth the media has built about Obama’s oratory.  That got exposed last week with a laundry-list, State of the Unionesque speech rather than a ringing call to Americans to rally to his side.  Obama has been saying the same few things over and over again for more than five years, with little actual accomplishment to show for it.

Just … words.