Videos: Scenes from Occupy Charlotte

What was it like outside the Democratic National Convention in the protest areas of Charlotte, North Carolina?  Jason Mattera, author of Hollywood Hypocrites and Obama Zombies and host of a Sunday talk show on WABC in New York City, decided to go undercover to find out.  We’ve already seen the video from my brother from Brooklyn’s first day among the Occupiers, but now we have days 2 and 3 as well.  The Day 2 video is a classic, in which Jason gets a young Occupier to sign a petition banning capitalism … on an iPad … while praising Steve Jobs:

As Jason told me last night on the Hugh Hewitt show, for collectivists, these guys don’t seem all that into sharing.  Heck, Jason was willing to barter for some shelter, but these demonstrators for redistributionism seem very reluctant to let Jason share a tent.  Of course, I know Jason, and I’m not sure I’d let him into my tent, either.  I’d end up buying thirty copies of his books and lose whatever money I have left in Texas Hold ‘Em.

By Day 3, the protesters seem a little testier, and Jason a little less undercover as a conservative.  He marvels at a demonstration on behalf of illegal immigrants who marched in Charlotte the day before and got arrested — and then released to march and demonstrate the next day as well.  But Jason doesn’t finish up until he provokes a small group of feminists in a pro-abortion demonstration:

Sharing and caring in Charlotte … or not.