The Ed Morrissey Show: Guest hosting on the Hugh Hewitt show!

Today, the Ed Morrissey Show will move to 6 pm ET as we Occupy the Hugh Hewitt Show! We’ll broadcast from AM1280 The Patriot’s studios tonight, and we’ll have a great set of guests for the show as well.  At this time, we’ve confirmed:

I’m especially keen to talk with Bishop Coyne, who blogs, tweets, and appears on Catholic TV.  We’ll discuss the benedictions delivered at both conventions by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, and his balancing act between being a defender of the church in the latest on the legal and political struggle over the HHS mandate and a shepherd on the faith and the church as a whole.

Plus your calls at 800-520-1234!  You can either listen to the show on the AM1280 The Patriot audio stream, or join The Hughniverse to see the live video stream!  Our chat room will be open tonight on the permanent TEMS page , so be sure to join us live by registering for free at — and don’t forget to keep up with the debate on my Facebook page, too!

For this week, I’ve changed the front-page graphic to one that I received from my good friend and OOTD illustrator, Chris Muir of Day By Day.  Chris holds an annual fundraiser to keep the adventures of Sam, Zed, Jan, and Damon coming.  Chris, whose artwork has enhanced the OOTD feature since its inception for Hot Air readers, uses the funds raised for only the continuance of DBD.  As always, the fundraiser has many fabulous gifts available at whatever level one chooses to donate.  If you’re thinking about donating at the Jan/Damon level or above, you’ll get a Last Supper Red vs Blue magnet, which has depictions of personalities from New Media — myself included.  Donating at the Anatoly Level will get you a 9×15 print of the artwork.  Dig deep and be part of supporting the one of the best New Media cartoonists in the biz!