Video: When Jason Met the Democratic Convention

The Democratic National Convention starts today in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our own Mary Katharine Ham will be bringing us first-person reports from the event.  Over at Townhall, Guy Benson and Katie Pavlich will do the same.  I can’t travel yet after my back surgery, but honestly, I’m happy to be far away from the nonsense and Abortion-Palooza taking place at the Time Warner Center.  My longtime friend and WABC radio host Jason Mattera has a different view of the convention; he sees it as an opportunity.  An opportunity for what, you ask?  Well, here’s the first video from Jason in this morning, and mischief might be the best term.  In this episode, Jason gets a chance to discuss personal responsibility with Planned Parenthood demonstrators, and Che Guevara and “collateral damage” of Communist peace efforts with a true believer.

Of course, this is the Democratic convention, so please acknowledge the Not Safe For Work warning, which covers language, sexual discussions, and … moobs: