Palin: Time to give Romney a shot

This is one clip it pays to watch to the very end.  Sarah Palin appeared on Fox Saturday evening to talk about the Tea Party and challenge the Republican Party to stick to its platform ideals, warning at one point that the GOP could go the way of the Whigs if they don’t respond to the will of the voters.  She also took questions from Twitter, including one which asked whether she’d run for Governor in Alaska again. (Answer: She’d rather work on policy to unlock Alaska’s natural resources.)  But it’s near the seven-minute mark when Palin expresses frustration when a viewer asks if it isn’t better not to vote when one doesn’t like either candidate (via the Sarah Palin Journal):

PALIN: No no no no!  Please go vote!  Let me ask you — man, do me a favor.  If this go-around you don’t know who you dislike more or like more, Romney or Obama — this go-around, give Romney a shot.  We don’t want to repeat the failed policies of President Obama.  That’s insanity, to repeat the same failures over and over again and expect a different result.  Obama has proven himself that he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t get the free market, he doesn’t get American exceptionalism, and he won’t work toward that American exceptionalism.  He had his chance — no hard feelings, thank you for your service, Mr. Obama.  This go-around, though, let’s give Romney that chance.

This is an excellent answer for those Romney skeptics who still believe that sitting out the presidential race will work out as a positive action.  Like most general elections, this race is a binary choice rather than a wish-list selection.  The two men who can win this race are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Any potential Romney voters that don’t cast a vote strengthen Obama’s chances for re-election.  That is why Obama has spent the summer trying to toxify Romney with independents and conservatives — in order to depress turnout on the Right.  After the conventions are over, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Team Obama start raising Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson’s profile as another distraction on the Right, especially if Romney gets a big polling boost out of the next fortnight.

Palin obviously isn’t passionate about Mitt Romney as a GOP nominee, which surprises no one.  But she does see the practical issue of the election in clear precision.