Obamateurism of the Day

Via Real Clear Politics, a true Alfred E. Newman moment … what, me divide?

“I don’t think you or anybody who’s been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country. We’ve always tried to bring the country together,” President Obama said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

John Podhoretz scoffs that this comes down to the age-old argument from the person caught redhanded: Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

President Obama’s answer on Wednesday to a question about his running mate claiming Republicans are going to put “y’all back in chains” was a classic bit of soothing presidential palaver.

I don’t think you or anybody who’s been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country,” he said about a moment in which Joe Biden had done precisely that.

The president’s answer has the quality of the adulterer caught in bed with another woman who says to his wife, “Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

Obama has been using an almost-explicit class-warfare campaign since his speech to Congress in September of last year.  From blaming those who use corporate jets to the wealthy for the massive deficits his administration has rung up — over a trillion dollars in each of his years — Obama has been trying to stoke rage against the wealthy for the woes of the nation.  That strategy was put into place specifically to run against Romney, which is why Team Obama keeps obsessing over Romney’s tax returns rather than talking about what their second-term agenda is.

The only place Obama could possibly peddle this comic relief is Entertainment Tonight … which is not coincidentally the only national media outlet he’s engaging.


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