Yet another obligatory "Twitter has worldwide failure" open thread; Update: Olympics to blame?

Where were you in the Great Twitter Blackout of July 26, 2012?  Me, I was at my desk … having to do status updates on Facebook.


As of now, the Twitter website and the Tweetdeck services have been down about 20-25 minutes.  Tech Crunch says Twitter is working on the problem.  Maybe we can expect updates on their progress … via Myspace.

Be sure to tell your harrowing stories of survival in the comments section.

Update: The AP’s report suggests that the Olympics might be the cause:

Twitter spokeswoman Rachel Bremmer said Thursday that “we’re aware of the issue and are looking into it.” She didn’t immediately elaborate on the nature of the problem.

The Olympics are expected to bring an unprecedented surge of activity by sports fans on social networking sites.

I guess Twitter’s not going to get a gold medal for this.  The East German judge still gives them a 9.7, though.