The Ed Morrissey Show: Podcast interview with David Limbaugh; Update: Video fixed

Thanks to the holiday week, we won’t have a live TEMS today, but I do have a treat for TEMS regulars and Hot Air readers. Earlier today, I interviewed David Limbaugh, author of the new book The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic, ostensibly to discuss the book itself — but we ended up having so much fun talking about current events that we almost skipped talking about the book at all.

We started off discussing the differing natures of book writing, column writing, and blogging, but then moved into politics.  I asked David about the title of his book, and he replied, “I think we need to be throwing some flames,” given the fiscal disaster looming after decades of overspending — a trend accelerated by Barack Obama.  “If we go the way of Greece, it will be worse for us than Greece,” David said; “no one will be able to bail us out.”  Paul Ryan has a solid plan to pull us back from the brink, even if it’s a gradual return to fiscal sanity, and David urges Mitt Romney to openly embrace it.

Speaking of Romney, we debate the latest campaign controversy over the remarks made by Eric Fehrnstrom over the ObamaCare “tax.”  This led into a lengthy discussion of the Supreme Courts decision, with David’s background as an attorney giving him some unique insight, as well as the lack of graciousness in this debate and in politics in general.  David also tells me where he’s disagreed with me as an example of how people can disagree without impugning motives.  It’s a fascinating and fun interview, one that ends with one of the most, er, unique pitches for a book I’ve seen.  Make sure to watch it all — and to buy the book, which will definitely become a go-to reference for me in this election season.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our Week in Review show with Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson, but in the meantime, enjoy the interview.

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Update: Not sure what happened to the audio — it was working when I tested it afterward — but I’ve switched to the raw file instead.

Update II: After getting a number of complaints about both files, I reloaded the interview to YouTube, in three segments:


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