Video: Don't ask questions when you don't want to hear the answers

When I first heard that S. E. Cupp would join three progressives in MSNBC’s new roundtable afternoon show, I wondered why she would enter a situation in which one side was so outgunned.  Answer: Because she enjoys outgunning them, that’s why.  This clip from The Cycle yesterday features Touré in his usual smug, elitist attitude attempting to psychoanalyze a 23-year-old Young Republican, saying that he felt the need to put such an unusual specimen “on the couch.”  Cupp interjects at one point by exclaiming, “Are you seriously treating him as a science experiment?”, to which Touré responds to the effect that he did the same with Cupp, too.  However, after Touré’s Kaelian introduction, young Alex Schriver proceeds to demolish Touré’s assumptions — and remind MSNBC viewers that Obamanomics has done the most damage to the youngest generation of voters:

The Corner’s Michael Walsh pronounces this “comedy gold“:

Truly a classic of the smackdown genre. On one side, a typical sneering MSNBC lefty, secure in his political prejudices and not expecting any back talk; on the other, a young man armed with the facts to displace Toure’s smug “narrative.” Comedy gold!

And Alex didn’t even get to ObamaCare — a program that forces younger people to buy high-priced comprehensive insurance plans they don’t need, which then subsidizes the health insurance coverage of middle-aged and older people that can then pay less for their plans.  Just imagine if Alex had the whole hour to himself and Touré.

Update: I didn’t get Alex’s first name when I wrote this post — it’s Alex Schriver, and he was nice enough to tweet the link to the post:

Alex is the chair of the College Republican National Committee.  They’re in good hands.

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