Video: Follow the ideology

Bill Whittle pulls no punches in his new Afterburner for PJTV, titled “Follow the Ideology” — but which could just as easily be titled, “Furious about Furious.”  Bill castigates the media outlets that have ignored Operation Fast and Furious, scolding them with the famous exhortation, “Have you no shame?”  Bill also has a few words with other media outlets who argue that it’s either a partisan tempest in a Capitol Hill teapot, or that OF&F was a “botched” operation that mistakenly resulted in guns flowing over the border.  As our colleague Katie Pavlich has argued in her book Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up, Bill says this wasn’t botched at all — it was a deliberate attempt to hype the supposed dangers of gun sales and push public opinion into renewing Bill Clinton’s assault-weapons ban and other gun-control measures.  Bill also believes that the hundreds of dead in Mexico from these weapons weren’t an unforeseen and tragic consequence, but part of the strategy all along — and that may be what Barack Obama and Eric Holder are hiding in their claim of executive privilege (via Instapundit and The Right Scoop):

I’d say we’ll find out sooner or later — and perhaps sooner, at that.  The executive-privilege claim won’t hold up in court, and even the ideologues at the White House have to know that much.  Furthermore, in order to make the claim stick, the White House will have to produce a “privilege log” that describes each document they shield through the privilege claim for a court to assess, so we’ll know who was involved in the conversations even before a court rules on the privilege claim itself.  Bill’s accusation is very strong, but if it proves true, then Holder’s resignation won’t suffice to deal with the aftermath — and this highly suspect claim of privilege shows that the White House very much fears disclosure, for whatever reason.