Video: MSNBC as apologetic as you'd imagine for deceptive editing on Romney WaWa visit

I’ll assume everyone has already read Allahpundit’s post from last night, which linked to SooperMexican’s explanation of how MSNBC deceptively edited the video to make it look as though Mitt Romney was somehow blown away by “touchtone screens,” when in fact he was making a salient point about the nature of innovation in the private sector as opposed to the public sector.  If not, go to both posts and watch the MSNBC edit, and then the raw video.  Quite obviously, MSNBC owes its viewers an explanation.

Today, Andrea Mitchell provided one.  Apparently, NBC’s news division has time to edit videos but not run them properly, or something (via The Right Scoop):

Wow.  Thank goodness Andrea Mitchell is an honest-to-goodness journalist, instead of just a talk-show host on an occasionally-watched cable channel … or worse yet, just a blogger.  So, we can now assume that NBC News enforces no standards on truth or ethics on its own correspondents, and doesn’t just exempt the MSNBC opinion-show hosts, right?

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022