Obamateurism of the Day

Barack Obama’s press conference on June 8th got a lot of bad reviews, mainly for his assertion that “the private sector is doing fine” and that what America needs is a lot more government workers.  Ed Rogers at the Washington Post has, uh, a few other, uh, issues with Obama’s, uh, performance:

The president says “uhhh” too much. When I was a cable television news extra during the ‘90s and early 2000s, you learn early to purge your presentation of “uhhh.” Saying “uhhh” suggests uncertainty and is distracting. (And in my case, when it was accompanied by a Southern accent, it was even worse.) I don’t know what the president had in mind, but his own meandering, stuttering performance could not have done him any good with any audience. What was he, uhhh, thinking?

Here’s, uh, an example of, uh, Obama’s delivery from that press conference:

It’s not as if no one has ever pointed out the program before, either. Here’s a clip from Late Night with David Letterman that’s almost exactly 49 months old, from May 2008:

And this comes from almost three years ago, from one single press conference:

Maybe it’s time someone, uh, gave the World’s Greatest Orator some public-speaking tips, eh?

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