Lanny Davis blasts "vicious people working for the President"

Via BuzzFeed and Matt Lewis, here’s the latest in blue-on-blue political warfare from Lanny Davis, literally one of Bill Clinton’s most ardent defenders.  Davis presented the defense during Clinton’s impeachment trial and has been loyal to both Clinton and the Democrats for decades.  At some point this week, those loyalties ceased to be redundant as the Obama team humiliated the former President and even had Clinton’s own team insinuating that he might be a little too old to be taken seriously any longer — at age 65.  An Obama administration official told the New York Post that Newark Mayor Cory Booker was “dead to us” despite humbling himself in what was widely panned as a “hostage video” after contradicting the Obama campaign’s Bain Capital-“vampire capitalist” strategy.

Speaking yesterday on “America’s Radio News Network,” Davis blasted Obama’s teams in the administration and the campaign, and wondered where they’d find any friends after this week:

“You have vicious people who are working for the president — not the president [himself] — who are saying that Corey Booker — one of the great supporters of President Obama’s policies — is ‘dead’ because he’s giving the president good advice, disagreeing with the Kool-Aid drinking people in the campaign who think the way to win the presidency is to trash the other guy rather than to defend your own guy’s record. …”

“[W]hy would they want to create enemies, or depict people as enemies, who are their friends?”

Not the President himself?  Is Davis sure about that?  After all, he’s the man in charge, the one who hired these “vicious people” in the first place.  Are we to believe that Lanny Davis thinks it’s an accident that we have Chicago-on-the-Potomac now, or is he just noticing it because they’re now going after Democrats?  If it’s really the former, it’s worthy of a Captain Louis Renault award:

More to the point, we are now seeing Democrats melt down into disarray.  Remember when the conventional wisdom was that a Mitt Romney nomination would split the GOP and the Tea Party, leaving Barack Obama with a united Democratic Party and Left-Labor activist base?  The opposite has proven true — the pressure of a poor economy and rising anger from voters has now split the Democratic Party, while Romney has united the Right.  There is a lot of time between now and the election and conditions can change rapidly, but Davis is right about the imminent meltdown.  In fact, it may have already started this week.