Videos: "Headwinds," "Strong Leadership"

Fresh off of their fundraising triumph in May, the RNC and the Romney campaign have two fresh new videos to make their case in June.  Let’s start with the RNC, which goes on the attack against Barack Obama over the economy.  The President has been trying to explain the stagnant “recovery” for two years by claiming that circumstances are out of his control, and his speeches have picked up a breezy tic in that time, and suggests at the end that Obama has met the “headwind,” and it’s himself:

How long will we experience “headwinds” rather than recovery?  It’s undeniably true that the American economy is vulnerable in part to forces outside of itself.  It’s also undeniably true that that’s been the case for decades.  This is still the worst recovery since World War II, made doubly worse since recoveries get sharper when recessions are deeper over that period.  If the man in charge is still complaining about headwinds two years later, it might be time to find another sailor to take the helm.

Team Romney goes positive in their ad, sticking with the “Day 01” theme from the past few weeks, and promising “strong leadership” will be the difference:

Romney hopes to pre-empt the Obama campaign’s attack on his record in Massachusetts by defining it first.  Republicans tried to hit Romney on some of the same points Team O has hammered, but it didn’t work out too well for them either.  Romney will have more trouble parsing the differences between RomneyCare and ObamaCare than defending his budgets or his record on jobs.  Neither are spectacular from a conservative point of view, but Romney did govern in a time when the unemployment rate went down and the civilian participation rate went up or remained level; Obama has governed while the topline unemployment rate went up (net) and the civilian population rate hit a 30-year low.  Romney balanced budgets while not raising taxes, although the Democratic legislature hiked fees, but that’s still a far cry from the four trillion-dollar deficits of Obama’s presidency. If Team O wants to have a fight on those grounds, I’m pretty sure that Team Romney will be happy to engage.