Obamateurism of the Day

Hey, the President’s a busy man. Apparently, he’s too busy to remember the correct name of the man who wants his job:

Criticizing his opponents’ economic policies at a New York fundraiser, President Obama made an interesting slip of the tongue tonight, identifying the GOP nominee as “George Romney.”

The enthusiastic crowd at the Broadway fundraiser reacted with giggles, and a few cheers, as the president regained his composure.

“Governor Romney … has had great success in his life and he’s raised a beautiful family,” the president ultimately said, correcting himself. “But he has a theory about the economy that basically says, if I’m maximizing returns for my investors, for wealthy individuals like myself, then everybody’s going to be better off.”

Except, of course, that Romney’s investors weren’t all “wealthy individuals like” himself.  In fact, most of Romney’s investors were people who were putting their retirement funds in Bain’s hands in order to grow their wealth for their golden years.  Some of those people were actually Obama’s biggest backers … the unions.

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