Video: When hubris meets karma

Sorry to dump two Chris Matthews posts on Hot Air readers in one day, but I suspect you’ll appreciate this more than the first.  Before we get to the video, however, we need a refresher course to properly set the context.  Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters reminds us of Matthews’ incisive wit when ripping Sarah Palin to shreds as a supposed idiot:


This from a man who on October 2, 2008, shortly before that evening’s Vice Presidential debate, said of Palin:

“Is this [vice presidential debate] about her brain power?… Do you think cute will beat brains?…Do you think she’d do better on the questions on Jeopardy! or the interview they do during a half-time?…My suspicion is that she has the same lack of intellectual curiosity that the President of the United States has right now and that is scary!”

Then on January 12, 2010:

They find these empty vessels who know nothing about the world! Nothing about foreign policy! Who immediately begin to spout the neo-con line. I read her book — it’s full of that crap….It’s unbelievable how little this woman knows!…Don’t put her on Jeopardy!

And again on November 2, 2010:

“Senator, do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to be President of the United States?…If she were on Jeopardy! right now and the topic was national government, American government generally defined, would she look like an imbecile, or would she look okay? Does she know anything?”

And finally on January 19, 2011:

“I’d like to see her on just a couple of episodes of Celebrity Jeopardy! or It’s Academic Mac McGarry to just see if she knows anything.”


Got that?  Palin wouldn’t have the candlepower to compete on Jeopardy, Matthews has insisted at least four times.

Presented without further comment, here is a fine demonstration of what happens when hubris meets karma. Be sure to read Noel’s narrative on this at Newsbusters:

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