Video: Dark Knight says Occupiers are jokers, too

I asked the question yesterday as to whether the Occupy movement has become a joke.  Today, the Dark Knight answers — and provides a little research, too.  Not surprisingly, Batman has some pretty kind words for Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises (say …. he does look familiar), but more importantly, points out who pays the taxes in the country — and who uses their dollars to influence politics and elections.  Needless to say, the answers might surprise some Occupiers, and perhaps dissuade them from being Jokers:

Yes, this is a palate-cleaner from Steven Crowder, but one that reminds us that the unions and the Occupiers are pretty much joined at the hip.  To what extent?  This report from KALW gives us a hint:

Tuesday’s May Day protests marked the re-emergence of the Occupy movement with coordinated protests around the Bay Area. But May Day—known around the world as International Workers Day—is traditionally a day when union members mobilize around labor issues. In San Francisco, those are ongoing.

The Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition – which represents 14 unions – and the Golden Gate Highway and Transportation District – which oversees the bridge, Golden Gate Transit buses – have been in contract negotiations since last year. At issue are healthcare premium costs, pay raises, and retirement benefits.

On May Day, union members and Occupy protesters joined forces—causing the Golden Gate Highway and Transportation District to cancel ferry service between Marin County and San Francisco for eight hours.

What a coinky-dink! Occupy protests just happened to shut down the transportation services that are at issue in a public-sector labor standoff.

Of course, the news isn’t all good for Big Labor these days:

In the latest sign of the fast-shrinking Big Labor movement, the National Labor College established in 1969 by AFL-CIO icon George Meany to teach new labor organizing tactics and management to new generations of activists is selling its sprawling Silver Spring, Md. campus.

The reason: they just can’t afford to keep the facilities housing the academic arm of the labor movement open anymore. “The cost to operate and maintain a large campus in such an expensive metropolitan area is exorbitant,” said the college. No other college in the Washington area has closed or is planning to close because of costs.

Instead of teaching students at the facility just off New Hampshire Avenue at the Capital Beltway, online courses will be offered. Once the 47-acre facility is rezoned and sold, student housing will disappear. Instead, new students will get to live in union halls. Some 200,000 union leaders have passed through the college which offers undergraduate degrees at community college prices.

The 99% are the taxpayers, folks.  The 1% are unions trying to protect their sinecures, and Occupiers are just their pawns on the chessboard.

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