DWS: Republicans want to redefine rape, you know

That’s the latest defense of the ObamaCare law from Debbie Wasserman Schulz, chair of the Demagogic National Committee — excuse me, the Democratic National Committee.  On a conference call yesterday, Wasserman Schulz accused Republicans and Mitt Romney in particular of attempting to narrow the definition of rape and put women at risk by supporting a bill passed a year ago in the House, as well as their opposition to ObamaCare (via Katie Pavlich):

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, accused Republicans on  Tuesday of “making sure that we would redefine rape.”

“I think the agenda of the Republican Party and of Mitt Romney has clearly been–and can be interpreted as–an attack on the issues that matter to women,” Wasserman-Schultz said during a conference call.

“From the very beginning of this Congress,” she said, “the first priorities in the first bills the Republicans introduced repealing the Affordable Care Act which would dramatically impact women in a negative way [by] making sure that insurance companies could drop us or deny us coverage for preexisting conditions, making sure that we could once again be charged more simply because of our gender for insurance coverage, making sure that we would redefine rape as only being forcible rape–that was H.R. 3.”

Wasserman Schultz seems to forget one inconvenient detail about HR3:

The bill was co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski (Ill.) and 16 Democrats voted with Republicans in support of the measure, which passed by a 251-175 vote last May.

Actually, the bill never proposed to redefine rape in any statute.  The limitation of “forcible” applied only to federal funding of abortions, not to the definition of rape itself.  The Democratic Senate never took up the bill anyway, but HR3 was basically the Hyde Amendment written into statute rather than as a budget rider.  That would have allowed Congress to ensure that taxpayer funding didn’t go to abortion coverage under ObamaCare — which the Obama administration assured pro-life Representatives and voters wouldn’t happen as long as Obama’s weak executive order of the time remained in force.

Looks like Demagogues — excuse me, Democrats — are getting a little desperate to push the War on Wimmenses meme these days.