Video: The Nanny of the Month is ...

Well, it might be too soon for the Secret Service chaperones to qualify for Reason TV’s monthly award, but I’d bet they’ll at least get nominated … if they ever actually get deployed.  In the meantime, enjoy the trio of nominees for April, as Reason TV selects the Nanny of the Month:

We’ve got Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal demanding clean urine in exchange for welfare benefits (a bad idea that also doesn’t work as advertised, but hey, at least the boozers are safe!), North Carolina regulators busting a blogger for praising the paleo diet (an offense that can get you tossed in the clink!), but this month the freakiest controllers come to us from a Brazilian city where public schools have begun tracking thousands of 4-to-14-year-olds with GPS-embedded uniforms. (At least they’re not tagging the kiddos’ ears!)

I’m not sold on the nomination for Deal, at least not while drugs remain illegal (which Reason opposes).  The intent is to make sure that taxpayer dollars don’t go to buy illegal drugs.  Taxpayers have a legitimate interest in how their funds get used, and those who don’t wish to submit don’t have to take the government dole.  The other two nominations are solid, though I might have chosen North Carolina over Brazil’s tracking mandate, but that’s a quibble rather than a criticism.  I can see the value in such a system if parents chose on their own to pay for the service, although the issue there would be security rather than truancy.  Having the government tag kids and track their movements is, well, creepy … as is the news that others are asking about the service.  I wonder if those tags could get tracked by more people than just the schools — say, people who have a more malicious interest in the location of vulnerable children.  Big Brother isn’t the only danger, after all.

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