Huntsman: On second thought, Romney's my guy

Last night, Jon Huntsman decried the Republican Primary fight as something straight out of Communist China. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, he changed his tune a bit. After griping about how the GOP needed to stop being “small minded,” Huntsman got asked directly whether he’d vote for Mitt Romney, to which he answered, “Of course“:

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When pressed on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on whether he would vote “enthusiastically” for the former Massachusetts governor, Huntsman said, “Well, I think he [Romney] is the person who can get this economy going again.”

The former Utah governor praised Romney’s campaign message of job creation and economic revitalization.

“I think he’s been consistent on that theme, I really do. You can talk about the other, you know, back-and-forth and flip-flopping and other things, but when it comes right down to it, the final stretch … this is going to be about jobs,” Huntsman said on “Morning Joe” Monday. “I think his commitment to jobs and his ability to articulate a plan for getting us back in action — I think he can overcome those challenges.”

Joe Scarborough asks Huntsman what Barack Obama did right in his term of office, and Huntsman pauses a moment before replying that Obama meant well.  He called Obama’s 2008 themes of “Hope and Change” and unity courageous, but didn’t explain what was so courageous about empty themes that meant nothing at all.  Who doesn’t run on change of some sort, and proclaim to be a uniter?  For Obama’s biggest failing, Huntsman points to his “lack of facility” for governing, and says that his inexperience as an executive is his greatest failing.  Given Obama’s agenda, that might actually be his most valuable virtue.

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