Videos: Some are marking ObamaCare's anniversary ...

On Wednesday, The Hill reported that Barack Obama wouldn’t do anything to celebrate the two-year anniversary of ObamaCare, his signature legislative achievement.  That might have to do with the fact that a majority of voters wants it repealed, and even a plurality of Democrats (48%) want it rolled back in whole or in part.  Still, just because Obama wants to be a party pooper doesn’t mean that others aren’t celebrating.  The RNC, for instance, has this brief spot called “ObamaCare’s Lonely Birthday,” but which could also be titled, “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To”:

Next up, the NRSC reminds us of the promises made by Obama and Senate Democrats two years ago, and just how well those promises have worked out:

This year, let’s resolve to give the Democrats their two ObamaCare birthday spankings — one in the presidential election, and the other in Congressional elections.

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