Video: Occupy movement takes itself ... literally?

I know the Occupy protests really want their movement to spread. I just didn’t know they mean that literally:

Video footage obtained by The Daily Caller shows Occupy Wall Street protesters dumping large amounts of human urine and fecal matter around Lower Manhattan on the night of March 14.

A surveillance camera caught several people, who have been identified as members of the Occupy movement by the New York Police Department, pouring a large bucket of waste down a flight of stairs at the corner of Nassau and Cedar Streets. Around 20 minutes later, one man entered a Chase ATM vestibule on Water Street and dumped another large container of the repulsive mix.

It’s apparently not enough that they fester in disease and filth amongst themselves. A few of them want to share that disease and filth with the entire city. This isn’t a joke, either; human effluvium contains bacteria that can create serious illness if people come into contact with it, and this vandalism will have to be mitigated with more than just mops and a bucket.

On the other hand, it might be the most honest form of protest yet from the Occupy crowd. They don’t want to build anything — they just want to crap on everything around them.

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