Video: College students analyze energy policy, Obama job performance

Here at Hot Air, we want to bring you only the tough, breaking news.  Where better to find breaking news than … spring break on the beach?  Fox’s Jesse Watters goes on assignment for The O’Reilly Factor and digs into the mindset of the youth vote on energy policy, economics, and, er … beer:

Stick around for the discussion afterwards, as Bill O’Reilly puts Jesse Watters on the hot seat for having selectively edited the interviews for the biggest laughs. He’s making a great point, of course; the comedic “man on the street” interviews rarely show the people who actually know the issues and facts because, well, it’s not terribly funny to watch someone who knows what they’re talking about. In the end, though, this segment is really all about having some fun, perhaps a bit at the expense of the students who weren’t told that math would be expected on spring break, and to see good-looking people on the beach.

Still, it doesn’t sound as if Barack Obama’s star is exactly rising among young voters, either.

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