Video: Biden booed in Pittsburgh ...

I first saw this clip yesterday on the WPXI website, and now the RNC has it clipped and BuzzFeed reports on it more honestly than WPXI did in its written report. They barely mention the booing, noting only that “as [VP Joe Biden] made his way onto Stanwix Street, the warm reception faded and boos could be heard.” As the video shows, boos could not only be heard, they rained down on Biden.  Biden handled it professionally, continuing to smile, wave, and ignore the taunting as any seasoned pol would do.

Still, booing a Vice President makes a pretty good story, one that would normally prompt a reporter to go out and get a couple of interviews.  Is that what WPXI’s Brandon Hudson did?  Not exactly, as you’ll see from about the one-minute mark forward:

Instead of checking out why people might be booing, Hudson talked with a giddy — and almost certainly tipsy — Obama/Biden supporter, who explained almost coherently why seeing Joe Biden was the greatest day in her life.  In between cuts with the supporter, Hudson then explains how to use the “O’Bama” signs to build support for the ticket.

Even when people boo this ticket, the media seems intent on explaining how to get them another term.  A great moment in local journalism, no?

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023